CerberusStrażnik Podziemi Popraw informacje o BoguCerberus
Typ:Walczący w zwarciu, magiczny
Rasa: Grecki

Spirit of DeathParalyzing SpitGhastly BreathSoul ExpulsionStygian Torment

Do not pass the black expanse of the river Styx if blood still flows in your veins. For there, upon the opposing shore, stands guard a beast of impossible animosity. Three fanged wolf heads will be your welcome, hackles raised, eyes like embers, burning green with ghostly flame. A sinuous tail whips with a mind all its own, barbed with the head of a serpent, forked tongue tasting the air. Should your body still be warm with life's glow when you dare set foot upon the shore, Cerberus, Hound of Hell, will feast upon your flesh, consuming both body and soul.

No mercy resides in this creature. He is a monster, brought into this world by the Mother of Monsters, Echidna, for no other purpose than to guard the gates of hell. There he remains, eternally chained to the shrouded passage. None of the living may enter. None of the dead may leave.

Hades, master to Cerberus, has unbound his servant to the battlefield of the Gods. With his poisonous breath, his acidic spittle, his gaze that can turn flesh to stone, Cerberus now hunts freely in the world of the living, eager to drag everyone back down to hell.

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