GaneshaBóg Sukcesu Popraw informacje o BoguGanesha
Typ:Walczący wręcz, magiczny
Rasa: Hinduski
Plusy:Przekazywanie zdobytych zabójstw

Good FortuneTurn of FateOhmRemove ObstaclesDharmic Pillars

After rigorous celebration, Parvati, Goddess of fertility and love, washed the dirt and sweat from her body. It floated upon the surface of her pool, formless and purposeless. With a wave of her hand, it was transformed into a boy, her son, and set him to guard the door as she finished washing. Shiva, the supreme being, returned and found this child doggedly blocking his path. Fearing the safety of his wife, Shiva drew his sword and cut him down.

"This is your son!" Parvati cried. "You must save him!"

Hurriedly, Shiva replaced the head of the child with the wisest creature in the world, that of an elephant. Thus, was Ganesha truly born.

Generous, warm-hearted, and optimistic, Ganesha has assumed authority over the very thing his mother tasked of him - obstacles. For those whose hearts are filled with boastful arrogance, Ganesha challenges progress. Financial difficulties, faulty materials, and unhappiness plague their every action. But, for the honest, the hard working, Ganesha clears the way. A life of good fortune, bright skies, and joyous laughter.

Obstacles can be either placed or removed. So, to Ganesha all mortals pray when starting a new endeavor, that their path will be open and their future bright. That he may grant them success.

Only with reluctance has Ganesha joined the Battle of the Gods. Violence is the last obstacle the elephant-God would ever place. But these are not mortals that threaten existence. They are Gods, and it is time that Ganesha determined who should succeed, and who should fail.

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