HachimanBóg Ośmiu Sztandarów Popraw informacje o BoguHachiman
Typ:Walczący na dystans, fizyczny
Rasa: Japoński
Plusy:Wysokie obrażenia jednego celu, wysoka mobilność

Master of ArmsEagle EyeHeavenly BannerIaijutsuMounted Archery

War. It is an inevitable truth of Gods and Men. Harbinger of death and misery, of orphans and widows, of safety. It can be brutal and bloody, lacking all mercy, stripping away humanity, leaving only violent souls. Some believe war is about more than victory, some believe it is how that victory is won. That a warrior can be honorable, can treat his enemies with respect, that he can retain his humanity. When there is war to be fought, this is the kind of warrior Hachiman teaches.

Pregnant with her unborn son, Hachiman, the Empress Jingu led a fierce campaign against the forces that slew her husband. Fearing her child's birth would slow the army's advance, she tied bandages about her belly and held him within for 3 years, until the war was done. Each day, she prayed she would not lose the child, that he would be born strong. That he would be a God. As 8 banners descended from heaven, heralding his birth, her prayers were answered.

Hachiman embodies all a warrior should be. Temperate but fearless. Deadly not ruthless. Respectful, to enemies and allies alike. He understands that war cannot be stopped, so he teaches how war should be.

Even in this, a war between Gods, Hachiman will retain his code. It is the humanity of the Gods that appeals to mortals, that makes them love and worship him. Should Hachiman lose even that, then he is no warrior. He is only war.

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Wind Demon0,0%
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